About Us


We are actively involved in Quality Performance and Improvement for our clients’ Emergency Departments.  Our mission is to offer excellence in emergency medicine in an efficient, competent, compassionate and cost effective manner.
Our quality improvement program focuses on the resolution of known or suspected problems that impact directly or indirectly on patient care, or when indicated, on areas with potential improvement in patient care.  C&M actively works with our client hospitals to meet all criteria and performance goals.  It is our belief that your goals are important, and with a combined continual effort, they are attainable.
Our Quality Improvement Team is comprised of clinicians including both Board Certified ED physicians and ED Nurses with a broad range of expertise in Emergency Department Management, including daily operations management, budgetary development, financial management of high volume EDs, revenue enhancement, chart auditing, Joint Commission (TJC) consulting, State and Federal Regulatory Issues, compliance, and Risk Management. Our team is well versed on all governmental regulatory issues that affect Emergency Departments.
Each ED Medical Director along with our performance improvement team works with our hospitals to assure that the Department QI plan is implemented and maintained on an ongoing basis. We work collaboratively with nurse managers and the hospital’s administration to identify opportunities for improvement.