About Us


“The current and future power of consumer choice should never be underestimated or taken for granted.”

C&M Medical Service's patient care is the cornerstone our company is built upon. With it's Louisiana based emergency physician group actively involved in all aspects of emergency medicine, it is C&M's leadership which brings extensive experience and an energetic approach to managing and promoting emergency services on both a strategic and operational level. The building blocks are our responsiveness to support each of our partner hospitals, and the various services, programs, medical staff and administration at their facilities.

“Our success can only be measured by the synergy of hospital, physician and patient.”

C&M has responded to an evolving healthcare industry by compliance in JCAHO, EMTALA/COBRA, performance improvement and risk management. A patient's insight of an experience in the emergency department sets the hospital's standard of a model Emergency Medicine physician. Therefore, the patient ultimately defines the quality of the services a hospital's emergency department provides.

“I firmly believe that our primary focus is on the communities we serve.”

C&M Medical Service’s long-standing proven track record allows us to offer the highest quality of customer service. We believe that by maintaining an environment compassionate to all members of the community will reflect our standards in the delivery of patient care. It is through commitment and dedication that we serve our communities, regardless of age, sex or race in a positive and confident atmosphere based on the importance of the doctor/patient relationship.

Many of our competitors talk about teamwork, partnerships and collaborations. These are only clichés if they cannot actually deliver. Now into our third decade in business, we at C&M Medical Services have a pr oven track record of aggressively responding to our client's needs and introducing innovative processes and efficiencies while adding dynamic leadership on all levels.

 I sincerely thank you for your interest in C&M Medical Services.  More so, I am confident that our group can assist you in providing your community with the highest level of medical care.






Cris Mandry, MD, FACEP