About Us


We at C&M Medical Services (C&M) thank you for the opportunity to provide you information on our emergency medicine group and the services we provide. We are committed to working with hospitals and health systems, alike, to meet all of the criteria and performance goals required to make emergency departments the premier signature product line of all our client hospitals.

C&M is a Louisiana based emergency physician group that is actively involved in all aspects of emergency medicine including staffing, ED management, marketing, education and governmental affairs. C&M's leadership brings extensive experience and an energetic approach to managing and promoting emergency services on both a strategic and operational level and to supporting each of our partner hospitals, and the various services, programs and medical staffs at their facilities.


When integrating our Emergency Department services into a facility, C&M tailors each service line to fit the needs of the facility specifically. It is our goal that the integration of C&M will allow the facility to maintain its longstanding stable clinical presence while adding dynamic leadership on both an operational and strategic level.

We are looking forward to speaking with you further about what C&M can offer your facility!