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So, What Does It Mean to Be a C&M Physician?


When you become part of the C&M team, you have the benefit of a comprehensive support system at your disposal 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

We are here... Literally!

We are located right here in Louisiana. Being a locally based group means we are never further than a car ride away. That's the difference with C&M; you will never be just another physician on a roster. Our personal relationship with our clients is our top priority. 

Southern hospitality is what we were raised on. Our group's values reflect that culture, and our pride in Louisiana's communities. Now moving into our 3rd decade of business, we realize more than ever how important those values are. It's where we come from. It's who we are, and it's why we have become the premier choice for both hospitals and physicians alike.

Starting from a group of only 12 physicians in 1988 we have grown to a group of over 150. While we are very proud of our past, we have never been more excited about the future. We are still growing, and we're not ready to stop!

Most importantly, we want you to be a part of that growth. We want you to know what it means to be a valued C&M physician. So, come join the C&M team. Trust us ... you'll be glad you did!